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Before the season, I probably would have said it was not a good call. But looking at it now, I think it was the right decision. This might not be a popular opinion with fans, but hang with me. Think about it.

Newton had one more year left on his contract, and it would have been a “prove-it year.” But if you look at how he’s played this year, I doubt the Panthers would have re-signed him. And they would have been looking for another quarterback this offseason.

Teddy Bridgewater Jersey

At least with Bridgewater, he’s signed through 2022. He hasn’t been bad. He hasn’t been great, either.

But statistically, he’s been better than Newton. And if he’s not the answer for the Panthers’ long-term future (I don’t believe that question has been answered yet), the Panthers have him for two more years.

If you compare Bridgewater’s numbers to Newton’s, he’s out performing him. Now mind you, Bridgewater has better weapons even without McCaffrey. But Newton has been too inconsistent this season.

Panthers Teddy Bridgewater Jersey

Through 10 games, Newton has nine rushing touchdowns, he has completed 66% of his passes for 1,984 yards passing. However, he has four passing touchdowns and nine interceptions. His passer rating is 79.8.

Through 11 games, Bridgewater has completed 70.2% of his passes for 2,819 yards passing, 14 touchdowns and eight interceptions. He also has three rushing touchdowns, and his passer rating is 96.3.

If you look at the other free-agent quarterbacks who were on the market, Bridgewater made the most sense. Tom Brady is 43. Phillip Rivers is 38. Jameis Winston has been mistake-prone, and couldn’t even win the backup quarterback job in New Orleans over Taysom Hill. The Panthers made the right decision at the right time. — JMA

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Any idea where panthers may be leaning in draft now that playoff hopes are gone? Are they satisfied with Teddy beyond next season? @toddcrowell85

Bridgewater has played well at times and not so well at others. Any evaluation should wait until he has a full season under his belt.

With that in mind, the Panthers are set up to have a top-10 draft pick. Taking a quarterback has to be something that at minimum would be considered. I’ve long felt that if the right guy is available when the Panthers pick, they have to go for it.

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It’s far too early to say what they will do with their draft picks, much of that depends on where they wind up picking and which players decide to declare early for the draft. Drafting a quarterback and having them learn behind Bridgewater is also an option.

One other note that I would add is to not rule out addressing the defense early in the draft just because they focused on it for all seven picks this year. There are positions they will be figuring out in the offseason, including defensive tackle, linebacker and corner. — AG

Any consideration to give PJ (Walker) and (Will) Grier end-of-year snaps? (If so, please start PJ immediately) @DraftMassta

There’s always a chance, but that isn’t really Matt Rhule’s style. Rhule has reiterated that winning is important and that whoever is best suited to play the position will play. There isn’t much of inclination to put players out there just to see how they’ll do (as seen in Greg Little watching from the sidelines).

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The only situation I could see Walker or possibly Grier getting a chance would be if Bridgewater’s health is a consideration due to a new injury. Rhule has also said he doesn’t think he needs to see Grier in a game to know what he can do and they got a good look at Walker against the Detroit Lions.

The Panthers are still evaluating Bridgewater. Every snap is important. — AG

I thought highly of Teddy Bridgewater as a quarterback, leader and all-around good guy when he was in Minnesota. I envisioned him becoming a good starting quarterback in the NFL once he fully recovered from his knee injury. I could still see it. But we didn’t see that on Sunday.

Bridgewater started poorly, missed a wide-open receiver for an easy touchdown in the third quarter, and missed a gimme touchdown throw late in the fourth that would have beaten the Vikings and dramatically changed the story of Minnesota’s still-inscrutable season.

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How’s Teddy looking?

Not great right now.

Does that mean Vikings fans should be thankful to have Kirk Cousins instead right now?

Not so fast.

ESPN’s QBR – their meaasure of a quarterback’s total performance – ranks Bridgewater 12th and Cousins 17th this season.

Both are good enough to keep their jobs and give their teams a chance when they’re playing well.

Neither is capable of elevating his franchise, not right now.

Cousins buried the Vikings early in the season and began to dig them out about a month ago. He’s been very good in November.

What’s different today about this quarterback comparison is that Cousins is simply playing better than Bridgewater right now, and outplayed him on Sunday.

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-The Vikings are 5-6 in part because they were able to beat Detroit and Chicago.

There’s a lot of talk of tanking for a draft pick but what do you feel is more beneficial for the team and fans, tanking or seeing a first-year coaching staff establish a culture of winning with a young roster? – @DanielFLacy

The latter; especially with the situation the Panthers are in.

The only time to tank is when you have a coach who is on his way out, when inevitable changes will be made and there needs to be a complete restart.

The Panthers have already restarted, and have young pieces such as Jeremy Chinn, Derrick Brown, Brian Burns, Christian McCaffrey and DJ Moore who will be a cornerstone for their future.

Rhule is trying to build a culture with the Panthers.

“A team that always fights and always battles,” Rhule said Monday.

Losing on purpose doesn’t represent that culture.

The Panthers are already in the running for a top-10 pick. In this situation, trying to win these games down the stretch would give them momentum in the offseason and some hope.

Losing won’t.

“We’ve unfortunately lost eight games this year. The two Tampa Bay games have not been good to us, but the other six losses were by 25 points — four points a game,” Rhule said. “That doesn’t make us feel better, but it tells us, in a year where we were picked to not be very good, a lot of people didn’t pick us to have more than 3 or 4 or 5 wins, we are closer and closer and closer each and every week.”

Tanking also doesn’t necessarily guarantee a team will be on the up and up. Just look at how long it took for the Cleveland Browns to be good. They haven’t been to the playoffs since 2002.